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Youth Beyond Borders is part of Project: Beyond Barriers, a non-profit organization which develops and provides cultural exchange programs, workshops, lectures, social and recreational activities and published materials aimed at exploring and dispelling cultural, economic, social, physical, educational and other barriers. Our objective is to provide perspectives and develop skills, promote understanding, cooperation and harmony in local and global communities.
Through cultural exchange experiences and educational programs, YBB promotes better understanding of the different situations, beliefs, values, challenges and possible solutions that exist in the world today, helping prepare youth for more effective, compassionate, cooperative and peaceful leadership of our planet.
To accomplish these goals, YBB organizes groups of San Francisco Bay Area teens to participate in service projects outside their home community, and develops educational presentations and curriculum material based on the experiences of the youth engaged in these projects. For more information, follow the links below.
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For information send email to:
Youth Beyond Borders
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