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YBB in Jamaica--Struggle in Paradise

The first trip undertaken by Youth Beyond Borders was
to Jamaicain August, 1994. The group consisted of nine
teens, 15 to 17, and five adults. All are from the greater
San Francisco Bay Area.
Jamaica Participants
Teens: Jason Davis, 17, Hayward; Angela Romo, 15, Oakland; Philip Duncan, 16, Santa Rosa; Sarah Stone, 16, Auburn; Eric Hill, 17, Oakland; Anna Strand, 16, Kenwood; Sara Gorchoff, 16, Santa Rosa; Celeste Scott, 17, San Jose; Eboni-Starr Woods, 17, San Francisco.
Adults: Christi Corradi, Trip Leader; Helen Anderson, Advisor & Nurse, Oakland; San Anselmo, Edgar Quiroz, Advisor, Oakland; Marty Kelly, Advisor & Photographer, San Rafael, Dr. Herb Smith, Dentist, Oakland

Photo-Jamaican GirlWe stayed four days in Mines, on the northern coast, and then ten days in Hagley Gap, in the heart of Jamaica's Blue Mountains. In Mines we helped the local people renovate a primary school. In Hagley Gap we worked with the community to renovate a church, taught crafts classes to the village children, and assisted an American dentist in providing dental care.
The service projects in Hagley Gap were organized and coordinated by Global Volunteers, a service travel organization located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Working side by side with the people in each village, we discovered a way of life very different from our own.

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