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Namibia '97- The Race For Survival

YBB Namibia Mission Statement
The purpose of the Youth Beyond Borders Namibia project is to connect with
and learn from people of another culture, while experiencing a new environment and making a lasting, positive contribution to our earth. To achieve this, we will work cooperatively with Namibian youth to help save the Cheetah.
Project Overview- YBB's second trip in 1997 was the farthest yet--all the way to Africa and The country of Namibia, which is located just northwest of South Africa. It was also the first environmental service project for us. Ten youth from the greater San Francisco Bay Area have participated. They invite you to follow their adventure through this web site.
The world's fastest land animal is running its most important race--the race for survival. Only about 12,500 Cheetah remain in 25 African countries, and approximately 200 survive in Iran. Namibia has the world's largest number of Cheetahs, where an estimated 2,500 remain in the wild, making it the "Cheetah Capital of the World." However, loss of habitat, decline in prey, poaching, and indsicriminate trapping and shooting threaten the survival of the cheetah throughout its range.
The project will involve joining teens from the Paresis School, in Namibia, in a common effort to help save the endangered species, the Cheetah, by assisting the Cheetah Conservation Fund in building a campsite for visitors to the CCF ranch.
The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is the foremost international organization working to save the marvelous Cheetah from extinction. The purpose of the CCF is to ensure the long–term survival of cheetah and their ecosystems through a multi–disciplined and integrated conservation program of research and education. CCF is the only international organization created to support on–site conservation programs for the cheetah, one of the world's most endangered big cats. CCF's efforts are directed towards areas outside of protected reserves, where it works with local livestock farmers developing ways to reduce conflict between humans and cheetah. CCF collaborates with scientists around the world to learn more about the cheetah, its habitat, and how to ensure the survival of the species.
School children or youth clubs wanting to visit and participate in the educational program at CCF spend four hours of travel to and from the ranch. This leaves only two hours for the students to learn about Cheetahs, and about how to help this endangered native species.
Many times schools have asked if CCF could provide camping accommodations for students to extend their visit. However, CCF has been unable to develop or equip a suitable campsite. All their resources are focused directly on the important research and education programs they are engaged in. YBB has collected in-kind donations of camping equipment to leave permanently at CCF.
During this project American teens will learn first hand about Namibia, including the importance of the land and wildlife, the unique beauty and value of its people and customs, and the issues the country faces for the future. Similarly, Namibian youth will learn about American life from direct personal contact with American participants.
For more on Cheetahs visit The Cheetah Spot

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