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Field Notes From Namibia- Part 3

by Alexis Newman, U.S.
and Richard Ganchab, Namibia
Photo-Alexis & RichardAlexis- We spent the day moving up here to the new campsite and getting settled. In the morning, everyone got up early to strike the tents at CCF headquarters before breakfast. I was on the breakfast crew, so I cooked while other folks worked on the tent area. Nicodemus made traditional Namibian corn Porridge (sorta like Malto-Meal), which we topped with butter, brown sugar, honey and cinnamon. It was yummy!
Later, Aaron and Peter took two truckloads of people and gear up to the new site, while several of us remained behind to clean the kitchen and pack food. By the time my group was brought up, most of the tents were already set up.
Once everything was set up, we were given a long chunk of free time. Delilah, Carlo, Vanessa and I, with occasional visits from Anna and Mercella, all sat around doing each other's hair. Delila put my hair in cute little braids. I like it 'cause there are no showers up here, so it keeps my hair out of my face while it's dirty.
Later, we told "an event that changed my life" stories around the campfire. That was Ultra-Bomb (cool), even though the fire was mega-smokey.
Richard- We had breakfast at 7:30 on our last day at CCF headquarters, because we are going to the new camp site. After breakfast, we started to break down the tents and pack our things and load all three trucks to go to the new camp site. I was in the truck driven by Aaron, and we were the first people to arrive at the new site. We unloaded our truck and started to put up the tents.
After everyone was done, everyone formed a circle to speak their wish for the camp and the people who will use it. Then we had two hours to rest and write in our journals. After one hour of writing I was sleeping and listening to the music in our tent. Then it was time to practice the songs we are going to sing for the U.S. ambassador's visit to the camp and CCF. After that Nicodemus, Englehardt and I had a discussion with Ghais about the lifestyle of American people.
Johnson, Hendrick, and others were preparing dinner for the night. After dinner, we sat at the campfire and talked the things that have changed our lives. Some people stayed around the fire, and some went to bed. I was also hanging around the fire and talked with Ms. Kaura.
Photo-Mixing Mortar8/25/97
by Vanessa Alexander, U.S. and Hendrick Garab, Namibia
I woke up to the wind howling around my tent. It was our sleep-in day, but I woke up around 7:30. After breakfast Alexis and I spent 3 hours trying to get some concrete. All the wheelbarrows were being used and nobody seemed very willing to share. Oh well, we'll just say it wasn't a very productive 3 hours. I was on lunch duty so Alexis and I cut up a million (ok only 6) blocks of cheese and made grilled cheese sandwiches while Pat fried them.
After lunch we were all sitting around. We had run out of water, so Marty grabbed Alexis and I. We jumped in the back of the truck--we were standing in the bed looking up the road. There is a certain freedom and peacefulness you feel as you are soaring down a road so fast the wind in your face makes your eyes water. Then a warthog dashes in front of us, and then some kudus. We had seen both of them before, but they still make me stop and think "Wow."
It was really beautiful today. The acatias were blooming. Their perfume scenting the air. Their little white flowers are really pretty, adding a little variety to the brown landscape. This trip has really been an incredible experience and I am coming back the first chance I get.
We woke up at 7 and we ate breakfast at 8. After that we started with a job to cleanup the ramp area and build the kitchen. Then I went to the camp and called some of the people to have lunch. After lunch we had free time for 2 hours. Then we went together to sing songs and make sure all of us know the songs. Later, Nora called the kitchen crew to begin dinner. I came down and began cleaning up and then fixing food. After dinner we went together to talk around the campfire. From there we went to sleep and people were given 40 minutes to visit.
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