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Namibia '97- Sights and Sounds of Namibia

Englehardt photo
Englehardt's Song
Music was an important factor in bringing the youth together. The Americans brought their favorite recorded songs to play on the boom box, while the Namibians taught us some of their favorites. Several of the Namibian teens wrote their own songs about the project. Here's one of them.
Listen to Englehardt's song

Save the environment
The Earth is in our hands
Working together we grow strong
It's time to be one
YBB save the environment
The Earth is in our hands
Through working together we grow strong
It's time to be one

Cheetah Talk
All cats have the ability to roar like Lions, or to purr like house cats. But no cat can do both. Cheetahs purr. Click the link below to hear a Cheetah purring. Cheetahs can also make a sound like a chirp, sometimes called "barking."
Listen to a Cheetah purring
Cheetah photo
Click here to watch a Cheetah running.
Please be patient, the movie may take a few minutes to load.
Visit Leopards, Etc to see and hear other wild cats.
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