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Namibia '97- Race For Survival Projects

Photo-Cheetah WomenCheetah Women
by Christi Corradi, YBB Co-Director
CCF founder Laurie Marker (left) began her adventure with the Cheetah over 24 years ago, and I had a personal experience that led me to being involved with the Cheetah 10 years ago. But our two paths didn't cross until two years ago when a common friend brought us together at a CCF fund raising event in northern California. Laurie had heard about my personal experience and said, "Oh you're the Cheetah Woman." Surprised, I replied, "Oh I thought you were the Cheetah Woman." And so, there was an instant bond between us.
Within minutes of meeting, with Laurie in the spotlight of this big event, we conceived the idea of bringing Namibian youth together with American youth at the Cheetah Conservation Fund ranch in Namibia where Laurie lives. Dates were set, plans were made and no more than 10 minutes had passed.
Our mutual friend and his wife were amazed that we brought this together--and now are even more amazed that we are in Namibia, right on schedule!

U.S. Ambassador Visits Project in the Bush
by Christi Corradi

Photo-AmbassadorThe teens were amazed when we told them the U.S. Ambassador to Namibia wanted to come and see what they were doing. They were even more amazed when they learned he was coming way up to the campsite, so far into the African bush.
They all got busy and taught each other songs to share with him and put together a cross-cultural program. The Ambassador George Ward, and his wife Peggy, really loved the singing and then shared what they were doing with youth and conservation in Namibia. He was very interested in the EEC and hopes to include them in the new Globe Program, which will link students around the world in monitoring environmental conditions and developing computer skills in the process. This will enhance the learning opportunities for the youth of Paresis as well as the country of Namibia.
The work the American and Namibian teens have been doing here the past week just keeps creating new opportunities.
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